Two-year-old child killed in firing to drive away elephants in Assam

A two year child died in Boko, Assam, Mother of the child was injured and battling her life in the hospital by Elephant. Some Locals of Assam, Kamrup district told Wild life personnels and police officers about the wild elephant’s herd in the forest. Usually, wild elephants destruct the crops of the locals to survive. Finding this out, Police and Wild Life officers on duty reach the location and open fire in the air. This was only needed to disperse the herd of wild elephants to save the crops of the locals. During this incident, a mother got injured and two year child got shot. This incident was an accident.

Two-year-old child dies in firing for extermination of elephants in Assam, mother also got shot

A two year child was hit accidentally with a bullet while her mother was carrying her. Also, the mother also got injured. Police rushed both child and mother to the nearest Guwahati Hospital for urgent medical attention. Doctors declared two year dead whereas, the mother is under observation.

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Meanwhile, an elephant attacked a local farmer and he was sent to GMCH for medication. These incidents took place back to back. Lashing out local farmers jammed National Highway 17 and protested hour long for immediate action on the demise of two year child. They also urged the government for making measurements to save crops from the wilds.

On talking to the demise father, he said “ I urge our government to set a high level probe in this matter. Who ordered personnel to open fire in the air? Can I get my two year child back”?

Wildlife and Environment Minister Parimal Suklabaidya said that we are looking deeply into this matter. A high level team has been sent to Boko for further investigation.

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