Tamil Nadu Lockdown Rules, TN Sunday Lockdown Timings, What’s Allowed

Tamil Nadu Sunday Lockdown Rules Notification, TN Sunday Lockdown Rules, Date and Timings, What’s Allowed check here. With the Covid-19 awake, like every state, Tamil Nadu has also experienced a spike in cases. From around 1500 cases of Omicron cases in the state now Tamil Nadu government also decided to put Weekend Sunday Saturday lockdown in Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, and all over the state. Government officials have decided to restrict social gatherings and cap the number of people in them. Well, we will explain all the latest updates on TN Covid-19 Sunday Lockdown Timings and Press Release of tn.gov.in. To a very extent, this Tamil Nadu lockdown may be going to shift even after January 17 if there will be no drop in Covid-19 cases.

The Government of Tamil Nadu is remove the weekend curfew and now the people can move everywhere without restrictions.

Tamil Nadu Lockdown Rules

As it is clear that till January 17, every Sunday Tamil Nadu state will be under certain restrictions of Covid-19 Lockdown. What will be those restrictions and what will remain closed or open need to be checked by the TN lockdown residents. Tamil Nadu Sunday Lockdown Guidelines is as follows:

Karnataka Weekend Curfew Guidelines

  • Marriage Garden will be occupied with only 100 people. No gathering of people more than this number shall be entertained.
  • On Sunday’s gyms, offices, mall, salon all will be closed.
  • Temples will remain open till Saturday but only with 50 percent occupancy.
  • Schools for classes UKG to 8 will remain close till January 17 and students can seek for online classes. Students of 10, 11 and 12 classes need to attend school except Sunday.
  • Shops of pharmacy and essentials goods will remain open even on TN Sunday Curfew.
  • Metro will not be operational under Tamil Nadu Sunday Lockdown.
  • Bus services, ATM, Petrol/ Diesel services will remain open but before 10 PM.
  • In funerals, only 50 people gatherings is been allowed.
  • Beaches will remain open for people but only for walking. It will not remain open for any sports activity or tourists.

Update – Yesterday Tamil Nadu recorded 6,983 fresh covid infections.

TN Sunday Lockdown Guidelines Notification

All rules need to be followed by all residents of Tamil Nadu. Apparently, a set of rules have been formed already to restrict the spread of Omicron in the state. TN Sunday Lockdown Rules are like this:

  • No resident is allowed to roam on roads without any considerable reason.
  • Only in the case of emergency you will be allowed to step outside your homes.
  • Individuals going outside for any reason must put face masks, sanitize from time to time.
  • They must also have E-Pass and Government authorized Identity Card. Without these documents you will not be allowed to step outside on Sunday Curfew’s.

Delhi Weekend Curfew Guidelines

Sunday Lockdown in Tamilnadu Timings

Till January 17, 2021, Tamil Nadu Sunday Lockdown today update will be going to be carried away. The timings of Sunday lockdown in Chennai will be from night 10 to morning 5. During these hours residents are prohibited to step outside their homes. Until and unless it is too necessary you need to remain within your premises and abide by all rules of lockdown.

TN Sunday Curfew What’s Open and What’s Closed?

We have already specified above in this article that what shall remain close and what will remain open. From schools to offices will remain open but under certain restrictions except for Sundays. Any individual not taking proper precautions of Covid-19 and lawfully disobeying Lockdown rules and regulations shall be punished legally.

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FAQs About Tamil Nadu Lockdown Rules, Timings

If proposing marriage during lockdown with 150 people within the state, what can be the punishment?

You can be further jailed or a fine will be charged.

Do we need to carry single-layer face masks or double-layered face masks?

You need to have face masks that will prevent you from Covid-19.

Is there any possibility that TN Covid-19 Lockdown may likely get extended?

Yes there can be this possibility.

Political gatherings are allowed or restricted during curfew?

It is allowed even during curfew.

Can I visit the nearest hospital for my recent visit during TN Sunday Curfew?

Yes you can visit your nearest hospital.

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