Parag Agarwal CEO Twitter, Education, Net Worth, Salary, Family

Parag Agarwal CEO Twitter, Education, Net Worth, Salary, Family, Everything about Twitter New CEO Parag Aggarwal Indian. Parag Agarwal, to be the new face of Twitter as CEO. In the recent tweets of Jack Dorsey where he announced officially to the world that he has finally stepped down from the post of Twitter CEO. A new name that came as a successor of the CEO position is Parag Aggarwal. Well, you all must be assuming that who is Parag Agarwal? How he is associated with Twitter? What are Parag Aggarwal’s education qualifications? Is Parag Agarwal an ex-employee of Microsoft? When will Parag Aggarwal become CEO of Twitter? Wife, Religion, Family of Parag Aggarwal, everything wrapped in this article for our readers.

Parag Agarwal CEO Twitter

The spark on the Internet regarding the new chief executive officer of Twitter is evident as Jack Dorsey has officially stepped down from that position. The real limelight of the new CEO of Twitter is on Parag Agarwal who is the age of 37 years and was in the position of CTO in Twitter for the last four years. In 2015 Jack Dorsey took the charge and since then the company has been falling short of business. Neither we nor anyone else knows what Parag Aggarwal has hidden through this time for Twitter.

By the time we all know that jack Dorsey is a multi-millionaire and has many big-shot friends. He is fond of music and bitcoin. But how much do we know about Parag Aggarwal by this time? Nothing! Right? So here we have many interesting facts about Parag Aggarwal. From his education qualification to his likes and dislikes all.

Controversies Around Parag Agarwal

A tweet of Parag Aggarwal is been circulating all over the internet from the time he has been listed as one of the choices as CEO of Twitter. This tweet is from back then in 2010. In his tweet, he writes down, “If they will not going to make a distinction between Muslims and extremists then why should I distinguish between white people and racists”? This tweet of his about “ white people” is sparking quite a crowd and is also trending.

Not only this, some memes like “Aggarwalji ka beta Twitter ka CEO” to “ Aggarwal Tweet bhandar” all is trending on the internet. This is still not clear whether will Twitter makes Parag Agarwal only the next CEO of the company or it will be somebody else. Apparently, there is no official news coming out from twitter till now.

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New CEO of Twitter Parag Agarwal India Education, Salary, Net Worth

  • Parag Agarwal has done its bachelor in computer science and technology IIT Bombay. Also he completed his Ph.d from Stanford University back in later.
  • He has earlier worked in companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Yahoo etc.
  • In 2017 Parag Aggarwal appeared as CTO of Twitter. In this he has to oversee machine learning, AI, revenue and much more.
  • According to PeopleAI, Parag Aggarwal has a net worth of 1.52 million.
  • His salary is $1 million plus bonuses. More he bagged restricted stock units (RSUs) valued of $12.5 million.

After all the chaos, even Elon Musk tweets for the next CEO of Twitter. He stated that “ another Indian CEO”. This clearly shows that in the world’s top tech companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft many of Indian origins have dominated their places.

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