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Covid Vaccine for 15-18 year Registration start now and vaccination begins on 03 January 2022. All you need to know about BioTech Covaxin Zydus Cadila’s three-dose ZyCoV-D Kids Vaccine. On Saturday Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses Nation. Along with boosters for Above 60 front-line workers, he declares Covaxin for 15-18 age bracket children. After Zydus Cov-D, finally, Covaxin got the nod. Now Kids aged from 15 to 18 are eligible to get the Covid vaccine by registration at What precautions should parents follow for their children getting Covid Vaccine? How to do registration for Covid-19 Vaccine for children between 15-18. What PM Modi has said about Covid-19 nasal vaccine for infants and other age groups children will also be showcased in this article.

Covid Vaccine For 15-18 Years Registration

Apparently, it is been evident that the government has sped up the process of Covid-19 Vaccine for the age group of 15 to 18 years too. As Omicron has already entered our nation with again quite a number in total. Before it hovers, the Central government wants to make sure that children in the age group 15 to 18 years old kids get their jabs as soon as possible. Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids has finally got the nod. Earlier only those aged 18 and above were eligible to get the vaccine but now 15+ are also eligible to get Covaxin.

Before Covaxin, Zydus Cov-D was given the authorization for the usage of Covid-19 Vaccination. The age bracket 15-18 will now get eligibility finally for the usage of Covid-19 Vaccination. Now you must be having any questions regarding the safety of Covaxin usage for your tender ones. But not to worry! After several testing and rating the efficacy, the government has taken this step. As we all know that before and after taking the jab, we need to keep precautions. But what precautions parents have to keep for their children are listed below.

Covid Vaccine For Belo 18 Years In India

If we follow the league, crores of Indians are partially and fully vaccinated till now. To date, the procedure of Covid-19 Vaccination is still on the roll. To date, according to government records 141 crore doses have already been delivered to all the citizens. More vaccination drives are been implemented by the time in the country. Now if we talk about how you can make the Covid-19 Vaccination registration for your children, then follow the steps. The procedure has been simplified by the government earlier and to date.

  1. You need to visit CoWin as usual to make the appointment for your children.
  2. You need to check the vaccination center using your pin or district.
  3. Parents need to register by giving their mobile number, children’s date of birth and etc.
  4. The date, time, and other details will be sent to the registered mobile number once the registration is done.
  5. You need to read all the important details before you take your children for vaccination dose.

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Precautions to follow for Covid-19 Vaccine 15-18 age group Kids

Covid-19 Vaccination for the 15-18 age group in India will be started in January 2022. With the knocking cases of Omicron in India too, now the vaccination drive from age 15 to so on will be geared up. Now, what precautions do you need to take for your children?

  1. Make sure your children are not underweight and take proper diet before and after vaccination dose.
  2. Make sure when children take jabs he/she should lay down at least for 15-20 minutes to avoid fainting and other complications.
  3. Avoid anything cold before and after the vaccination dose.
  4. Face masks and sanitization is a necessity even after your children get the jab.

PM Modi Addresses Nation for Covid-19 Kids Vaccine Start Jan 03

PM Modi Addresses Nation on Saturday latest. Where he was concerned about the Omicron, he also clears news regarding Covid-19 Nasal vaccination for other age groups. More news regarding the Covid-19 Vaccination drive for Ages 15-18 will be escalated only on this page.

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